Neuropathy Treatment

What You Should Know About Neuropathy Treatment

Some 20 million people experience some form of neuropathy, according to the National Institute of Health. Neuropathy is associated with causes like diabetes, trauma, metabolic disorders, vasculitis, toxic causes, etc. While the root of the problem may be varied, Professional Chiropractic Associates offers the best chiropractic care and neuropathy treatment in Gainesville to address alleviate your pain, treat and support recovery from the symptoms, and help you get back to a more functional life if possible.  


What are the symptoms of Neuropathy? 

Neuropathy involves the loss or deadening of nerves in one or more parts of the body. Signs and symptoms of neuropathy often present with numbness or tingling in the extremities, which can progress to a burning, throbbing, or jabbing sensation.  

  • You might experience sensitivity, interspersed with an increasing lack of coordination.  
  • Hands or feet may “fall asleep” or refuse to cooperate, leading to a fall or other painful episodes.  
  • You may experience chronic fatigue and pain, as well as a limited range of movement possibilities. 
  • Painful swelling and inflammation in the extremities is another sign of neuropathy. 

In more extreme cases, neuropathy can present with paralysis, breathing issues, or loss of consciousness. The initial signs and symptoms of neuropathy are typically not so all-encompassing or severe. With careful care and treatment, we can work to diagnose and treat your neuropathy.  

How Can Our Gainsville Chiropractor Treat Neuropathy?  

Professional Chiropractic Associates offers the complete chiropractic care package, which includes options for neuropathy treatment. Physical therapy, chiropractic adjustment, massage therapy, and inflammation injections are just a few of the solutions that we often recommend for neuropathy. Our NIR™ Boot™ System and ReBuilder® are just two of the therapy options that offer therapeutic care and pain relief to our patients. We also offer customized nutrition plans to address imbalances and support our complete treatment recommendations.  

Next Step: Experience the Future of Neuropathy Treatment Today! 

You’ve already seen the level of care and neuropathy treatment that we offer our Gainsville patients at Professional Chiropractic Associates. We also offer a SPECIAL $49 value for treatment. Schedule your appointment for your evaluation and consultation today. When you come in for your visit, we will learn everything we can about your medical and health history and background.  

We will learn more about your concerns and we will begin to determine how we can best be of assistance. 90% of our neuropathy treatments can be done in the comfort of your own home, so there is no reason to wait. It is likely that you have already waited long enough. Now, we will work to help you see relief.  

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